Last Meeting before Departure

Hi guys! Yesterday, our team had the last meeting before departure.



We fly to Zimbabwe this Thursday!! WOW! Only 3 days...
Yesterday, we were commisioned at 11am service at Menlo Church. Yay!
We wore our team T-shirt and after this service, a gentlemen spoke to me and we had a good conversation about trip.  

前のブログで報告したとおり、今日のMenlo ChurchのMenlo Campus、11時の礼拝でチームの紹介がありました。みんなでチームTシャツを来て挨拶しました!



After this, we had team meeting and it was the last time before departure.

We prepared for crafts such as cutting papers, making posters, and so on..

One of team member, Tiffany can speak Japanese so we spoke Japanese and it was very fun! Althougth I am feeling comfortable with speaking English now (compared to last year,) It is always good to have someone whom I can share something in my first language. The problem is I can't stop talking once I speak Japanese.LOL 



みんなで今抱えてる不安や楽しみをシェアしたりトリップ全体の流れを確認したり。そのあとは、みんなでキャンプの時に必要な工作の準備、ポスター作りや荷物をまとめたりしました! チームの一人、Tiffany(赤いドレスの女性)は仙台に住んでいたということもあって日本語がペラペラ!準備してる時日本語でずっと話してたけど楽しかった〜〜まさかチームに自分の母国語話せる人がいるとは思ってなかったので嬉しいです。(去年どれほどそれを願っていたか、、笑)



I am very excited to go back to Zimbabwe soon. BUT I am very nervous as well.
This anxiety is different from last year. Last year, I worried about going to the new place without family or friends, speaking English all the time, spending time without phone, and so on.(More environment things)
However, this year, I am worried about myself that what if I lose my boundaries, how to deal with conflict, and how to listen to my honest feelings. (More internal things) 

But I believe these emotions are very important so I hope I will learn and grow more than I can imagine. 












Last, This is our team blog 2017

During the mission trip, we will update our activities so please follow it!
If you follow it via email, you will get notification when the blog is updated!







I will do my best to update my blog one more time before leaving..

but just in case, 

See you later :)