Zimbabwe Trip 2017

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Hi, guys!

I came back from Zimbabwe a few days ago!!

Thank you so much for your all support and prayer.
It was very exciting time in there. I am so glad to be able to meet kids from last year. They remembered Japanese that I taught last year! That's so cool right? XD They are so beautiful, pure, open, and loved by God. Not only children, also all local leaders and people whom I met are just shining and amazing people and I am very grateful for them for everything❤️❤️❤️


This trip was my second time. Before going to this trip, I was very excited and nervous. I had many problems that made me feel insecure. I was very anxious about these things and when I got in there, all anxiety attacked me so many times. As I mentioned, the trip was amazing and exciting time but to be honest, at the same time, I was very exhausted. I couldn't pray God or seek him. I was frustrated with myself and lost confidences. I cried, cried, and cried. I was really lost and confused. I thought I shouldn't be here because my presence gave bad influences....

BUT litlle by little, I learned my strength. I realized many children love me and I love them so much. It is not only because we play together, but it is because we find joy together. Many kids looked at me with smiles all the time. Always calling me 'Aunty Hanna!" and run to me and hugged me with huge smiles. Last day of camp, they gave me letters and told me they love me and they will miss me so much. I was taught a lot by them and they made me smile everyday. They told me "thank you" but I wanna say thank you to them because they are very special to me. 




Also there were the team and local leaders who supported me all the time and prayed for me so I could stand it. 
Because last year, I was smiling all the time, I felt like I should be like that although when I can't smile. I remember second day of camp, Stewart greeted me in the morning and I tried to greet back with smile but I couldn't. On that day, since I woke up, I had had so much anxiety which was very overwhelming. It was too hard for me to handle. Soon after the VBS started, I couldn't stand it and started crying. I thought "OMG... It's worse..." BUT team members and local leaders were there for me.  They sat next to me, hugged me, asked me if I am okay, made me smile, and called my name "Makanaka." (it's my shona name 😏)During the mission trip, similar things happend so many times and I wondered if it was good that I was there. BUT through these experiences, I learned that how much team and friendship are important and I don't need to fake myself or behave I am strong. I am not strong. I am weak but because people who love me and Jesus are there for me, I can stand it. I am very grateful for all team members and local leaders that they were with me when I felt isolated or lonely. 






After coming back from Zimbabwe, I am very excited, sad, exhausted, and thank everyone who loves me. My next goal is coming back to Zimbabwe within 3 to 5 years:) 


*Today's only overall summary and I will share more details later :) 








































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