less than 4 weeks til Zimbabwe

Hi, everyone. I'm Hanna :)


I am an international student from Japan and have been in America for 2 years.  Through this blog, I share my experiences in Zinbabwe, Africa where I fell in love last year.  (I wrote this blog only in Japanese but from now, I will write it in English as well)

since I was 10 years old, I have been wanted be a teacher in Africa. I watched one of TV shows in Japan that showed children who couldn't go to school because of poverty. It was very shocking and made me wonder what the differences between me and them although we were same children.

As I grew up, I always have the  desire to do something for them so 2 years ago, I came America to study English first. 


And Last year, I got an opportunity to go to Zimbabwe from Menlo Church for 2 weeks in summer.  We spent time with orphans. Honestly before this trip, my image of Africa and orphans was poor. However, as I spent time with them and knew them more and more, I realized they were truly happy. They made me smile everyday and it was my first time to smile and feel happy from heart. That experiences changed my values and ideas. 


Fortunately, this year I got another opportunity to go back there with mission team from Menlo church. From July 6th to 21st, our team will serve with children in there! We will have summer camp with children from Chegutu village and we also visit some orphanages as well. 

I am very excited to go back there because my heart has been in there since I came back from Zimbabwe last year. 😊🇿🇼❤


This year, our team is 12 people and 7 people are new to go there! We have 4 meetings total before leaving and tomorrow, we have 3rd meetings. We share our own testimony, learn their culture and language, and develop our relationship :)



By the way, the blog name "Makanaka" means "Beautiful" in Shona (Zimbabwean language.)

My Zimbabwean friends Taniya and Arbby gave me this name so this is my middle name now ❤ I love this name so much!



I am happy if you pray for our team, mission trip, and children in Zimbabwe♡♡ prayer is very big support!!

I will keep on updating so please follow it!! 


*also I am still looking for some financial support. It is almost reached the goal but if you are willing to help me financially, please contact me via makanaka193@gmail.com



Thank you :) 

*last year's photos 


the first day in Zimbabwe at church 



Beautiful children during the summer camp



VBS camp